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Channelling from the starry skies

Photo by  Colin Cromar  on  Unsplash I channeled this 10 years ago, it just popped up out of nowhere. It seems the old Norse had a fascination for astronomy, and so perhaps it's not so surprising that my fascination for the stars is starting to erupt once again in a new form!!! It seems to fit with my seidr work, and (for me) sits very comfortably with it side by side, as if they are age old companions - the seidr work and the challenging cosmic energies!!! Channelling from the starry skies!  Channeled thru Rachel Goodwin. Welcome all, we are from the starry realms of light. Sirius, are we, come to divulge our tempting patterns of discernment so that you can be more nearly yourSelves. There are days when the patterns of light that surround you are more nearly in harmony than others, when the planetary alignments are such that you are able to be in the flow and ebb of the divine harmonics of form, and can more easily flow into those ways of being that are conduciv

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