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Activate the Power of your Name with Runes!!

To book your Seidr session   The facebook post I made to advertise for people to practice  on, it says 'come closer to your soul with the runes'! 'I'm so happy I did this - it's the best thing I did for myself in a thousand years!!' This was a comment after one of the recent rune-sessions I did for a client. To find out what we were doing - read on...***** In August and September of last year, I worked doing rune-sessions as part of my ongoing training in Nordisk Shamanisme/ Nordic Shamanism/ Seidrkone. As part of the course, I have homework tasks to fulfill, and as I really needed to get familiar with the runes to a much greater degree, I started working with the homework task, 'use the runes to work with people's names'. And before I practiced on anyone else, I thought I should start with myself! (Which was a good place to start practicing, as my full name is 30 letters long :-0) First I got out the runes for my first name, Rachel, (I've got s

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