Channelling from the starry skies

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I channeled this 10 years ago, it just popped up out of nowhere. It seems the old Norse had a fascination for astronomy, and so perhaps it's not so surprising that my fascination for the stars is starting to erupt once again in a new form!!! It seems to fit with my seidr work, and (for me) sits very comfortably with it side by side, as if they are age old companions - the seidr work and the challenging cosmic energies!!!

Channelling from the starry skies! Channeled thru Rachel Goodwin.
Welcome all, we are from the starry realms of light.
Sirius, are we, come to divulge our tempting patterns of discernment so that you can be more nearly yourSelves.

There are days when the patterns of light that surround you are more nearly in harmony than others, when the planetary alignments are such that you are able to be in the flow and ebb of the divine harmonics of form, and can more easily flow into those ways of being that are conducive to your optimum wave forms, flowing and ebbing in the higher vibrations of reality.

So then, these harmonics of which we speak are held in place by the energy flow which you bring into you, consciously and unconsciously, and as with all things, your energy body – these harmonics, are affected by the environment around you.

If you live in an environment where the energies are disrupted and chaotic, you may find that they impact negatively upon the harmonics of which you seek to be uplifted, and when you go to ‘power places’ on the earth, you may find that your harmonics rise up in ecstasy, taking on new form and flavour.

So then, what can be a way to maximise the benefits here then? As, you must be thinking, it is not always possible to live inside a stone circle or barrow, or in the countries in far away places that you visit.

What can be done?

We would say as always, that space and time are relative, and that you can ask to be aligned to the energy of a particular place for your highest good.
So even if you are living within the heart of a city, with all the hustle and bustle that is around you, you can ask that you be aligned to the best vibration for your highest good, from the Himalayas for example.
You could ask to be guided as to where on the earth you need to be aligned right now, for your highest good, as where you ‘think’ you might need to be aligned, might not be the place that would benefit you greatest.

Then, it would be most conducive if you could ask each day, for this process to be repeated, and each day you will find that your harmonics are being tuned to the energy of this place, through the grace of God/Goddess, the Divine Being, who wishes most of all for your joy and happiness and return to themselves.
In this way, the earth, whose enormous power in the physical realm is awaiting to be facilitated in this way, can assist you in your growth towards the light, becoming more and more in the physical realm what you are in the realms of light, until that alignment becomes perfectly complete.

Also in this process, you may find that from time to time, a message comes through, whilst you are asking for guidance, that it would be an opportunity of maximum benefit to visit a particular place in actual physicality, so that you may be in the divine energies of that particular place and experience the divine communion of all of your ‘bodies’ being in the harmonics of that particular place.
This is the case when deeper work can take place, and is in many ways, a communion and an initiation where great things can take place.

The earth is ready now to stretch forth her hand, and offer her gifts to the children of the earth.
Here in physicality, your bodies are hers, and she has more ability than you have dreamed possible to assist you in your path of ascension and personal growth.

The different energies and beings which are held within the different vortexes and power places on the earth, hold all the keys within for you to grow and expand into your actual Being, and for the physical manifestation of Life that you are, you may find a complete path of ascension held within the earth.

We offer these words now, so that you may begin to utilise the gifts of the earth more completely, and so that you may understand that you are not limited to only being able to receive the assistance and help of the earth and the land when you have the time to travel physically, but can weave them into your lives in a very practical way, on a daily basis.

It may be that you receive guidance to tune into and ask to be aligned to the energy of a particular power place for a year, or even longer, and that this is what will benefit you the most, as you undertake a particular task in your life, or undergo a particular change. Some days you may find that you are inspired to be tuned into the energy of the earth, somewhere completely different, for maybe just a day or a week, while something within you is fine tuned.

You may find that you feel drawn towards carrying or wearing a particular stone or crystal from a specific location, but in the same way, you can ask that etheric crystals that hold this energy can be placed around or within you, and can even ask for a particular crystal to be aligned physically to the energy of that power place.

Allow your mind to be free of limitations as to where on the earth, to what particular place, will help you the most right now.
Some power places on earth have been discovered, some not.
Just because you are guided to a particular energy of a particular place in a particular country, which you do not know as a power place, does not mean that the guidance is incorrect.
All of the earth has the potential to be of assistance, and you may feel at times that you are being aligned to say, the stones at Carnac, or a temple in Malta or Gozo, and at others you may feel that your alignment is to somewhere watery in the islands around the Pacific, or the volcano at Mt St Helens.
Really there is no limitation, and a particular cliff or rock might be exactly what you need right now, and all you need to is to ask to be aligned harmonically to the energy on the earth that will benefit you the most right now, and then allow yourself to receive and be held within the weave and shape of that alignment.
It has been known for many ages, that living within the energetic aura of a sacred place, is of great assistance to the soul.
But of course, it is not possible for all of mankind to live within these places, but in this way, spirit can guide you for your maximum benefit so that you too, can receive assistance in this way, regardless of where you will live.

One day, all of the earth will shine out in this way, not just in particular places known for their healing properties, or sacred qualities, and wherever humankind lives upon the planet, they will feel the full power of the earth shining out, and know her as she truly is.

The earth is intimately connected to your ascension here on earth, as we have said, your body is her body, and so she can intimately affect that physical part of you, assisting you in taking on ever more beautiful radiance of harmonics.

You can directly ask the earth for this help, or the universe, you can ask god or the goddess, you can even ask your angels or your team of spiritual helpers. Ask in whichever way feels right for you, and in whatever way feels good.

When you have asked, listen always for the guidance which comes back to you, if you have not become accustomed to hearing as yet, it is of no matter, your alignment will take place, if you have asked and have opened your heart for the alignment to take place.
You do not even need to know which particular place on the earth will be assisting you.

But you may find after a time, that a certain feeling comes over you, and that you can feel the certain energy of a place. Or you may even find that a name or sound of a language comes into your head, or a suggestion of a culture. It can be a wonderful thing to have conscious knowledge of the divine process of assistance which is taking place around you, but try not to be attached to the outcome of your prayer.

It may be that you have a deep love to a particular place or country, and that you may desire your alignment to be from this place only and that this longing may interfere with your ability to receive from somewhere different. Just be aware that this is a possibility, and although if this does not occur, and you are trying to ‘force the issue’ as it were, you will not be harmed, only, not helped in the way in which perhaps you had hoped, as you are blocking the process!!

We have come to give you this message today, from the starry skies, where we can see all with a clear perspective. You and the earth, are very close, and intertwined, and so this message can be given more clearly from us, and with a lighter tone.
The earth who is physically there with you, is so close, that her voice could seem a little loud for your delicate ears, and so we are reflecting this message back to you, which she has given to us.
We are her starry brethren, and her world is also in the starry skies in which she lives, and when she talks to us, her gaze is reflected outwards to the galaxies in which she is a part.
We hope to give you these messages, so you can utilise these gifts and ideas for your highest good.
We wish you well. Blessed Be.

Prayer to the earth
“Dear guides & angels, beautiful mother earth, please help me be aligned to the sacred energies of the particular place on earth, which is for my highest good.
Please help me to know where this sacred place is, through inspiration, signs and omens.
I ask that all this happens under grace, and in a perfect way. Amen.”

Going to/ connecting to  places on the earth where enlightened energy is held, is much as sitting within the aura of an enlightened teacher.
You can speak to the land in that place, communicate with it as you would a human teacher!
Introduce yourself, say why you’re there, what it is you need & hope for!
You can ask the land for it’s help and assistance, ask it how it can help you and what you need to do.

Because the land is in physicality, it can have a much more powerful effect on you physically, than if you are connecting to an energy who is not in this dimension, ie, angels, ascended masters etc (but these are much more able to affect the physical when they are channelled through a physical medium, such as a channel)

Also because your body IS OF THE EARTH, you are naturally in resonance with the earth, (you are the earth!), and so it has a greater effect on you in this way, when you are in the presence of enlightened land!
Each sacred place resonates to a particular frequency of the divine, and through sympathetic resonance can assist you in vibrating to this frequency too.

Even when you connect to parts of the earth from a distance, it can still have this powerful effect, because as your body is part of the earth, you are one with it.

Rachel Goodwin is a channel, hypnotherapist & energy healer who works with the Ascended Master Sarah, and with the energies for ascension held around the sacred isles of Hawai’i.
Lady Sarah is an ascended master guide for the Age of Aquarius and is working with the Earth and humanity to assist us in our process of ascension, and in manifesting our higher Selves here on earth.
 to read more of Rachel’s channellings, and find out more about her work, you can go to
You are free to copy, distribute and display the material presented here, as long as you give the author credit, & do not alter the work in any way without permission from the copyright holder.
© Rachel Goodwin 2010-2020


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