Be in the night sky

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Channeling 29/05/2020
Welcome, we bid you welcome, welcome, welcome.
Can you feel our love, our light, as we shine down upon you?
We are here to support you, support you all in your great work – for a great work it is!!
The time has come for you to realise that you are ‘not nothing’, but indeed something very precious! The time has come for you to stand with two feet firmly upon the earth, and realise that the earth and humanity is birthing the most precious gift. Something beautiful is coming through you, and you can let yourself be light in this moment, appreciating how beautiful that is, and how this is taking place because of you. It could not be done without you!
If you can, spend more time outside at night, sitting and looking at the stars. See if you can find a place where you can feel a little closer to the sky, and sit for an hour in silent contemplation. You don’t have to DO anything, but simply be a little closer to us, by sitting and ‘being in’ the night sky, (when you sit in a place where you can see the night sky, it is like a cloak of stars surrounds your energy body, so that you are literally ‘inside’ the night sky!) This is a forgotten art for many, and one that it would behove* you to remember once again. You can if you wish, interest yourself with the anatomy of the star systems, but it is not necessary. It is enough for you to be there, and to look at the night sky because this is enough of a connection for you to be able to reconnect to the star wisdom that is a part of the heritage of humanity.
The mounds were a way to be a little closer to the night sky, they were (and are) their own way of connecting to the star wisdom. You are fortunate indeed to be able to use these ancient temples of the night sky!**
We are the elders of the Star council, and we have much to say in the time ahead, but we would give this simple (and yet so profound) teaching for you today, as you have also received a ‘shot’ of our energy, and this is enough for now.
We are the elders and our blessings go with you and all of humanity.***
This came through as a light language blessing from the Elders of the Star Council
* meaning you should do it, lol.
** this is message for those of us who are in places where there are burial mounds, or are able to travel to them for special ceremonies.
*** I felt a huge wisdom around me as I received this message - it was a bit like getting a hug of wise, loving comfort. It felt like one individual consciousness was addressing me from the circle of elders, but that they were standing in the background. Very interesting!
This is the crystals that I used to connect with these energies today, and the writing was a blessing that came through in light language!

These were the crystals that were supporting as I channeled and also held a bit of a cosmic energy about them!
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