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The facebook post I made to advertise for people to practice
 on, it says 'come closer to your soul with the runes'!

'I'm so happy I did this - it's the best thing I did for myself in a thousand years!!'
This was a comment after one of the recent rune-sessions I did for a client. To find out what we were doing - read on...*****
In August and September of last year, I worked doing rune-sessions as part of my ongoing training in Nordisk Shamanisme/ Nordic Shamanism/ Seidrkone. As part of the course, I have homework tasks to fulfill, and as I really needed to get familiar with the runes to a much greater degree, I started working with the homework task, 'use the runes to work with people's names'. And before I practiced on anyone else, I thought I should start with myself! (Which was a good place to start practicing, as my full name is 30 letters long :-0)
First I got out the runes for my first name, Rachel, (I've got some different sets, one that I made with rowan, and one that I painted on different crystals and stones that I've collected over the years - I'm a bit of an avid stone collector wherever I travel to!) and I spelt out 'Rachel' in the elder futhark runes*...
Uurgh! I didn't like the energy. AHA! My old friend - resistance! So I let the runes sit there a few days on my desk until I gave in and admitted nothing was going to change until I worked with it! So giving in, I sang them a few times, that helped a bit. I sat in a circle of them. That helped a bit more. I sat and intuitively held each one of them, and listened to the story they had to tell me, and wrote it down. That helped a bit more. It was still a heavy energy though. A bit of a burden. I could feel this was my soul essence. I could see (without having to be terribly insightful, lol) that I was having particular resistance to allowing this soul energy to manifest. I worked with it as much as I could, and drew a name sigil for it (a rune name sigil is where you draw the runes in a pattern.)
Some of the magickally empowered rune-amulets I've made!
Then I moved onto what (should be) my middle name  - Jayne. Except for when I came to Denmark, some clerk somewhere filled out my papers incorrectly, and made Rachel Jayne my first name! 'So, let's get on with it', I thought glumly. I worked with Jayne in the same way as I had with my first name - but this time, it was providing a counter balance to the first name - such joy and lightness in it, and a wonderful sense of support!! On it's own the energy of my first name was a heavy weight, yes, there was all sorts of good things in it, but it was all a bit too much on its own - but put it together side by side with Jayne, and suddenly it all worked! Amazing! (now I saw the 'mistake' of putting the two names together in a whole new light!) That was just the beginning of realisation...
Then we got to my maiden name (which I have kept as my middle name! I couldn't bring myself to part with it after I got married, but at the same time I wanted me, my husband and my son to share a common surname.)
Our family names/ efternavne are passed down to us from our ancestors. Personally I have long considered ancestors as extra work for me, and a bit of a drag! Many years ago, I drew out a chart of my ancestors going back quite a few generations (I used a system of chinese characters, described in a book by David Furlong) and I connected to each one, and then brought through healing. It was a big work and it took me months! Also from this, I experienced firsthand that my ancestors had alot of issues and unhealed trauma. (Although I already knew this from the bits and pieces of information that had been handed down to me as the family history.) Part of the reason I did this work was for my young son, as I felt the need to lighten his load somewhat. (I also undertook it as part of my healing journey, as although I had a number of years of therapy working with my family issues, I felt some extra help on the 'invisible' realms was needed.) As well as this, over the years, I have often worked with the 'ancestral lines' of my clients to clear trauma and bring in healing. I have to admit that this left me with a bit of an unbalanced view that the ancestors were a bit of a pain in the behind, and that they were something that had to be cleared up and sorted out.

But anyway, let's get on with the story -  now comes in working with my ancestral name... Holdt da op! Did I get a shock. There I am chanting my maiden name, and light and strength and all sorts come streaming through. What is this I'm wondering?! I couldn't have been more shocked if someone had hit me over the head! OMG! (Maybe there was some other reason that I wouldn't let go of my english surname - other than just refusing to let go of one more english thing in a sea of danishness?) I could feel the purity and power of the ancestors going right back to the beginning, to the very first!!
Total shock. Never expected that! Lastly I worked with my 'official' surname/ efternavn - my danish husband's name (a double-barreled name, just to make it even longer!) This name was working as a protection - almost like a protective cloak to be used to help me live a life in Denmark, (where many of the energies are a little foreign to me!) Then I worked with the names altogether. The ancestral name holding the framework, providing the very ground so that the soul purpose could be built within it. This was something more than I had expected when I first got out the letters of the runes - this was more like a birthing, a ceremony, a ? Whatever it was, it was a process that allowed the runes to speak and act and come alive!
So I started to invite other people to come and experience this, 'let me practice on you' I said! And they came. And the same sort of things happened! As soon as I brought in the runes (by chanting their names), there was an electricity in the room, an energy that was palpably physical. And it wasn't just me feeling it, it was my clients as well. OK, they weren't 'normal' people (well, of course they were, but what I mean by this, is that they were all people who were sensitive to energy) but they could also feel the presence of the runes in the room physically working with them. They experienced what I had experienced. Total excitement. Then we chanted the names together, and they could feel the changes that were happening. And by the end of the sessions, the power of their names had been activated and grounded...
And with some of the people that came, (not everyone chose to work with their family name) there was a sense of having been reconciled with a lost part of their ancestry and magickal culture, and realising that their ancestors had been wise men and women - as they met them again now through the runes. This is something we have forgotten in our modern day age! Although we can gain many things by studying other cultures, there is something wonderful in experiencing directly that there have been plenty of home-grown 'wisewomen and men' right on the earth where we stand and live, and the realisation that human beings are inherently magickal, wherever they come from!! It was just wonderful to experience and witness!

I asked my clients for some testamonials and this was one of them.. 'Jeg har været til en Runenavn session hos Rachel, og jeg må sige, at det var en lidt heftig oplevelse – på den FEDE måde!! Jeg blev helt forelsket i mit eget efternavn. Jeg har båret det, afbrudt af en kortere periode, siden jeg var barn, og har slet ikke haft den tilhørsfølelse, som jeg fik i og efter sessionen. PÅ en eller anden måde faldt det hele bare på plads i mit system. Samtidig er der blevet åbnet op for ældgammel viden i mine aner, som jeg næsten ikke kan vente med at tappe ind i. Det var en gave til mig selv og mine aner. Jeg elsker alle mine navne i runer, men mest mit gamle efternavn. Giv jer selv denne gave! H.S'
'I've had a rune name session with Rachel, and I have to say that it was really quite a hefty experience - but in a really good way!! And I have fallen completely in love with my surname! I have never had a sense of connection to it, or had the sense of belonging that I gained in and after the session... Somehow it all just fell into place, and at the same time ancient knowledge has been opened up from my ancestral line that I can hardly wait to tap into. It was a gift to myself and my Ancestors! I love all of my names in runes, but I love my ancestral name, my surname, the most! Give yourself this gift!! H.S'

In the sessions I thought I would have to use some (of the many) healing techniques I have learnt over the years to overcome resistances, trauma, blocks. I never used one. The runes did all the work. Each rune was/is a vast and massive doorway and scope of energy, and each thing that was spoken about them, was just a tiny splinter of their massive presence. All of us working together, (the runes, me and the client) allowed each person to experience their (the clients) soul presence, the spiritual support that is there for them to manifest this soul potential, and then the incredible experience of experiencing the ancestors.

 How much we have lost to not know this! And what a huge mountain of support is now coming to be available to us... (as a side note, I started experiencing the 'ancestors' of the land around where I live in Sjælland, Denmark in the last year - I have a particular attraction towards gravhøj/ grave mounds and dysse/ dolmens, (of which there are many around where we live) and was again very shocked to discover that not only are the ancestors 'alive and kicking' in an energetic sense, they are very aware of us, ready to support us and waiting for us to get on with our 'jobs' - in fact, it seems to me that we are very much part of a plan that they had, and that they knew all about us during their time on the earth, what would happen, where humanity was heading, and what would be needed to rectify it. It seems we are part of their plan!***)

Me and my youngest inside the dysse!
Benji on top of the dysse!

In our modern days, many of us have very little sense of clan or kin, ancestors or a sense of being helped and supported by past generations. We have been split off from this, and yet it's there anyway. I tried to explain to one of my clients, that in a way, it doesn't matter what your family name is, (for example if a woman changes her family name through marriage) because the ancestral river that you swim in is unaffected by what name you decide to take! (Although you can accentuate or de-accentuate certain traits and qualities depending on which names you choose to use). Also family names are a relatively recent invention in the history of human beings! So by this I mean, that the runes (or just the standard Roman alphabet if you like) each take a portion of your ancestral energies, and act as an expression of that. This means that, for example, if there are two people with the name of Pedersen, each one would get a different rune reading from the same name, because each rune would speak a different thing about each person, and bring through a different energy (because they are different people, and have a different ancestry). The runes can only speak about what is there, rather than a rigid or dogmatic truth/ interpretation. Also I noticed with each person in the sessions, that the information that came through, was about what they needed to hear right now, and what would move them forward on their journey right now... It was a 'snapshot in time' of this moment, and who they are right now, and where they needed to be looking to next. So that in 5 years time, the same process would bring up a very different set of keys/ notes to be played and create another tune! Amazing!

My Dad's 11th year anniversary
of his passing.
Although I am not an expert at all in this area of ancestors as power, strength and support, it seems to me with what I have learnt so far, that on one level the ancestors pass down their pain, trauma, and negative thought forms and beliefs to us energetically. This is a very human level. But on another level, a higher (for want of a better word) form of the ancestors exist - and this is the ancestors at their best, the ancestors in their divine capacity one could say - and it is from this place that we can call on their power, strength and support. (And isn't this something that many of us believe/sense/feel, that we have a lower/ human self, and a higher/ divine self - and our work now is to integrate the two, and become a 'whole/holy' being?!!)

For most people I did the sessions in one hour, and managed to complete the whole thing in two sessions. When they returned after their first session, I could 'see' around them, the living energy of their name - as if their name had been activated in an energy field around them. Hence the name 'Rune name/navn activation'. (honestly, I didn't know what to call it, answers on a postcard please!!) Again it was a very physical energy!
Each person felt differences in their energy from the first session. The sort of things I have personally noticed since I started the rune work on my name, is that people are 'seeing' me more. Suddenly people are telling me stories about how (quite often a long time ago) they got something magical from something that I sang or did, or that they just 'saw' in me (and I mean magic in the proper magickal sense of the word). This has happened 4 or 5 times in the last couple of weeks, that my friends and family have suddenly announced that they have 'seen' something about me, that I had no idea that they thought. My work is suddenly getting more attention. People are suddenly 'finding' me. Energetically it seems, I have been hiding - but not deliberately. When I did the rune work on my own name and interpreted the meanings of the letters, I 'saw' things in myself that I haven't seen before. I saw a magical ability, that I hadn't been able to recognise in myself before. (This is something that is not acknowledged in the world we live in, and I didn't get any Harry Potter type lessons growing up in Deal, Kent in the 70's and 80's - it can be hard to know what we are, when we haven't had it mirrored back to us, by the societies we live in.)
So the rune work took away some of the shadows and veils around my soul essence, and also unmasked the help, power and strength that my ancestors have to give. I now have a new found confidence in what I'm doing. Normally when I do healing, or magickal work or whatever, part of me feels I am probably not doing it quite right, or well enough. Now when I am giving care, or helping or intervening in whatever way, I trust that to the best of my ability, I know what I am doing, and I feel much better about my work - that this is something I am 'supposed' to be doing. And with my clients, they have reported back to me that they are also feeling different since the sessions, and that different things are happening around them!

But this is the truth of it. The runework attunes our names to the purity of our soul essence once again, and allows a clear stream of our ancestor's power and support to flow straight to us. The reality is that for many of us, our soul essence and ancestral support is obscured and blocked by our cultural, family and personal/past life issues. I personally am grateful to the wisdom and power of the runes for their help in getting past some of these veils, and support in my 'becoming'!!

Jeg fik en ‘rune-navn session’ hos Rachel . Først tænkte jeg hvad skal jeg med runer? Men jeg var tiltrukket og måtte have en session . Det var meget powerfuldt og har allerede haft stor indvirkning, både privat og i min virksomhed , da den jo også afspejler min energi . Så tusind tak Rachel, jeg kan varmt anbefale dig og dine sessioner 💕 S.R.
'I had a rune name session with Rachel. First, I thought 'what do I have to do with runes?! But anyway I was pulled towards having a session. It was really powerful and has already had a big effect, both in my private & business life - which is really reflecting the increase in my energy! So a thousand thanks, Rachel. I can warmly recommend you and your sessions 💕 S.R.

For further details have a look at my website here

*the elder futhark consist of 24 runes and belongs to the pre-viking times, approximately 150-800CE
** although I think this is changing with the coming of affordable DNA testing, but perhaps this in itself is a 'symptom' that a new wave of ancestry 'honouring' is coming up from the collective?!
*** as the living ancestors

*****There is now an Ancestral Healing Online intensive available on my online school! If you've been able to catch up with this, you'll know that I'm offering name sessions to work with your Ancestral energies to all of those who have taken this class!! These sessions are one of a kind - I've never experienced anything quite like it! The runes are an ancient language, and in the same way that sanskrit or hebrew hold a sacred vibration, so do the runes! In the session, I will show you how to access the power of your Ancestral lineage, and how to continue building on that using the runes in your surname/ family name. We will decide prior to the session (if you have different options) which one of your family names you want to use. We will ground in your ancestral energies that are coming through for you at this time. Grounding in your Ancestral Power can be life-changing! Often there are blocks and resistances to work through (isn't there always, lol!) I can't emphasize enough how powerful these sessions can be, and you really need to put aside a bit of time the day you have your session - and not squeeze it into a busy day... It takes quite alot of energy to do this work, both for you and for me, which is why I am only offering these sessions to people who have undertaken the Ancestral class first - because you have done some preliminary work and are already part of the way there! Some people have likened the name sessions to receiving a soul retrieval - except that this is something you can keep working with and building on! I will also 'read' the energy of the runes in your Ancestral name, and interpret how they are coming through for you at the moment. This can give keen insight into what ancestral energies are coming through to support you, and what needs nurturing and strengthening. Book your Seidr sessions

Rachel has been an energy healer for over 20 years, and is a psychic channel with a passion for visiting sacred power places! Right now, she is undertaking a 2 years Seidrkone (Nordic shamanism/ Nordisk Shamanisme) course in Sweden. Rachel originally worked as a mental health nurse in the UK, and trained in counselling, group psychoanalytical psychotherapy, NLP, EFT, hypnotherapy, and many forms of energy healing.


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